Really interesting review of Rachel Maddow’s book, Drift, about contemporary warfare. It makes such a good point about how we’ve somehow been at war for ten years and counting, but these wars don’t have an impact on every single citizen’s everyday life to the extent that the world wars did and that needs to change.

The CIA and JSOC have become largely unaccountable branches of the military. Drone warfare has lowered the cost of war even further. And the reserves are no longer really reserves. They’re practically full-time soldiers.

And the worst part is that all of this is virtually invisible to most of us. The vast bulk of the civilian population, especially among the college-educated elites who run the country, doesn’t serve in the military and never has. In a lot of cases, we barely even know people who have. When we go to war, there’s no WWII-style rationing to worry about, there’s no draft, and there aren’t even any taxes to pay. It’s all free! Is it any wonder that we fight so many wars?